Overall best student in JHS ends up as truck pusher

There is the saying that since there is life, there is hope and without sacrifices being made, our dreams can not be achieved.

That should be the encouraging words as motivation to the most intelligent quotient individual and industrious enterprising Tawiah, who emerged triumphant in his 2008 BECE examinations with flying colours as the best performing student but suddenly, he has found himself at a place reserved for the lawlessness and miscreants in a society.

James Kwasi Tawiah, who had high hopes of making a gainful employment after his studies in school has become a mere truck pusher carrying loads for market women at a token fee. He aspired to be one of the topmost professionals in the near foreseeable future but since 2008 till now, his dreams have seen no rejoice.

He is therefore working in the market places as a truck pusher carrying foodstuffs and asking for what should be given to him after his days of hard-working times and dexterity he willfully displayed during his days of school at Manhean JSS in Tema Newtown as a BECE candidate, 2008.

But unknown to his destructors, he was the best performing student and came out top as the overall best student with high expectations of making it life after completing his education. But James Kwasi Tawiah, is now seen working at the market places after several years of doing such menial jobs for survival in the community where he currently lives.

Many are wondering how come such an intelligent quotient individual with Godly dexterity would end up being on the streets as an ordinary truck pusher who makes ends meat by pushing and pulling trucks back and forth for financial assistance at home even though he was full of intellects and industriousness when he was schooling and loved by many but none could benevolently touch his life and give him a new dawn of meaning of life.

James Kwasi Tawiah, is currently growing faster than expected and he has therefore pleaded with society, to as a matter of urgency, offer him some kind of support so as to turn things around for his good while turning his fortune into the blues by allowing the moon to veil her elegant face on him.

Source: UGC



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