Pastor ki$$es female church member to cast out all the demons in her


The unorthodox method of healing used by an African Pastor has drawn a lot of attention online.

This pastor is seen in a video that has received a range of reactions after going popular online. He summons a female churchgoer and makes an effort to release her from the demon’s grip in the video.

After pausing to pray for her, he gave her a passionate kiss to drive out the devils that supposedly lived inside her.

The pastor said that the only way he can exorcise the demons that are residing in the woman is by kissing her, and the woman in turn granted him permission to do so.

Since it’s impossible to passionately kiss someone and then claim that you’re exorcising the demons that are living inside her at the same time, these modern pastors have been doing more than others.

Since no “genuine” minister of God would behave in such a way, several comments posted by social media users imply that the pastor seen in the viral video is not the real deal.


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