Pastor threatens wife with ‘juju’ for seeking divorce [VIDEO]

Dr. Roland, a Nigerian pastor living in South Africa, has threatened to use juju (muthi, or charm) against Thuli, his wife from South Africa, who has asked for a divorce for unknown reasons.

A video that Roland shared with Thuli, an assistant pastor, stated that he would not sign the divorce papers and would instead return to Nigeria to use juju (muthi) to fight her.

Despite the fact that Roland was the primary pastor at his church and the couple were pastors in South Africa, the incident surprised many.

The pastor’s mother-in-law intervened and begged the man to relax while the couple were fighting. However, he insisted that his wife could attach the divorce papers without his permission.

Thuli had publicly praised Roland as her husband a few weeks prior and referred to herself as “the luckiest woman in the world,” according to reports.

The pastor however after realising what he had done went on social media to apologise to his wife.