Photos of Shatta Wale’s new curvaceous girlfriend

Shatta Wale, the king of African dancehall, has found love once more, and we hope things go better this time than they did with his last two partnerships.

Remember when the SM chief went on to another stunning woman named Elfreda after splitting up with his baby mama Shatta Michy?

Unfortunately, Shatta Wale and Elfreda encountered a problem since Ghanaians believed the artist would get married to her after making a commitment to do so when he initially posted images of the woman on social media.

Less than two months after Shatta Wale declared Elfreda the new “QUEEN of the SM Empire” and encouraged his supporters to address her as such, their relationship went sour.

Since that time, Shatta Wale has never spoken of love again and even said in a Facebook post that he will remain unmarried his entire life because most of the ladies who enter his life have ulterior motives.

A new tidbit of information that is now going around on Snapchat claims that Shatta Wale is dating a stunning woman named Yvonne.

Shatta Wale reportedly begged her to keep their relationship quiet because of his prior painful experiences so that people on social media wouldn’t use their ‘curse mouths’ to foretell their fate.

Another claim by an insider hints that Shatta Wale and Yvonne have been dating for the past 6 months now and the new SM Queen even spend most of the weekends inside Shatta’s mansion and drives his cars around town.

Yvonne is a fair curvaceous lady whose believed to be in her mid-20s. Reports claim she owns one of the biggest saloons in Accra and she’s a known boss chick who plays with only ‘The Big Men’.

Shatta Wale


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