Police Administration Secures An Injunction Against Fix The Country Demonstrators

The highly anticipated mammoth protest, which is heavily expected to rock every part and parcel of the national capital of Ghana, Accra, has been encumbered by the public police security service which sought among other things, planned to stop the organisers from demonstrating today as earlier published and announced by the leaders of the group.

The police administration had secured an injunction restraining the supposed demonstrators from thronging onto the street to register their displeasure about the current happenings in the country.

Many are of the views that, the injunction secured by the police administration which has not restricted and prevented the fix the country protest today, would not come off as earlier scheduled because the public police administration has sought a restraining order prohibiting organisers and their various participants from the protest slated take place today.

It is not quite clear as to why the police officers would act in such a manner when they themselves granted the request submitted to their administration that such a gargantuan tumultuous gathering of Ghanaians are expected to happen today in which they willfully consented and declared their own readiness to providing security presence to people when they pour onto some principal streets of Accra after their request to demonstrate today was duly accepted and endorsed.

But it should be stated all that, the organisers of the much spoken about demonstration decided to put it into the public domain that they do not trust the police officers to provide an adequate security and on that ground, they would like to demonstrate with guns and other deadly weapons to match up boot for boot with anyone or group of political party members from other political divide that may try to impede what they intended to do under the thought that they would be making the current political leadership unpopular in the country.

Some other people have even claimed that the police administration is not transparent enough to the organisers because they have been having engagements with the convenors of the protest to take place today but they never displayed any act of resistance or an opposition contrary to what was earlier agreed upon and on that reasonable ground, the police administration had acted on bad faith and therefore, they must not be applauded because such officers would engage the planned protest organisers now and within a twinkle of an eye, then they would go behind the scenes and be doing the other against those involved in the anticipated protest.

The organisers; Fix The Country Group, is expected to be served with the restraining order anytime soon to notify them that their planned demonstration has been proscribed by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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