Popular Zimbabwean influencer jailed two years for selling sex toys online

sex toys

A 23-year-old well-known Zimbabwean socialite who was reportedly trafficking sex toys into the nation and selling them online was given a twenty-four-month prison sentence.

Authorities detained Ayanda Unity Mponda on May 16 and accused her of breaking the Customs and Excise Act and exposing kids to pornography.

The defendant, who does business on social media platforms, was found guilty by a Mbare Magistrates Court. She is also required to work 640 hours of unpaid labor in addition to her sentence.


The judge suspended six months of the jail term if she doesn’t commit another offense like it during the following five years.

Upon completing community service, the remaining 16 months were suspended.

Mponda sells bedroom materials on her social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok.

On Twitter, Mponda describes herself as a “masturbation advocate, sex coach and your sex toys, bedroom tools plug.”

On Facebook, she says she “sells sex toys for a living” adding that “female and male sex toys all available in Harare CBD.”



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