Potential First Woman President For Ghana? Zenator Rawlings Causes Massive Stir

Zenator Rawlings is known as one of the most well-branded and respected politicians in the country. She did not let her father’s position in this country get into her head and this is why Ghanaians love her.

Zenator seems to have had good training from home and that is what has held her hands through politics. She became a member of parliament through hard work and not because of a push from her parents.

For the past few years, she has been seen staying strong amid the setbacks that life has put herself and her family through. She has supported the national democratic congress even though they had some issues with her father who was the founder of the party.

These and many other qualities including bridging the relationship between her father and the party has proven that she has good leadership skills.


Earlier today, videos and photos of her visiting a night market where she made generous donations have popped up and are causing a massive stir online. She has proven that a politician can have power and all the fame and remain gentle, humble, and committed to her duties and responsibilities.

Zenator Rawlings was seen interacting with the market women and men on what their progress has been and how well their market was running. Could she be the next president of Ghana with these skills? Will Ghana allow a woman leader for president some years to come?

With the growth in economies and the gradual growth tolerance in politics, there could be a time when she might run for president and will be accepted by Ghanaians. She is giving Ghanaians a reason to believe that gender has nothing to do with leadership and this should be acknowledged sooner than later. These are the kind of leaders Ghana needs in these present times.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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