Prison Inmates Starve To Death – See Photos

One of the jailed birds who recently had been granted bail from the Ashaiman police station, has spoken for the remaining prisoners in the cell.

Oliver “Twist” Bakah Vormawor, is painting a harrowing picture being the clear evidence of what he terms: “Serious starvation in the prison”. According to his outfits, they the members of the:

“Fixthecountry” group, have mobilised themselves adequately to help alleviate the hardships that the prison inmates at the Ashaiman police cells are enduring by sending food supplements to the prisoners but to their utter surprise, the officers in charge of the prison yard, glaringly exhibited their political colours in preventing them from having access to the inmates who are mostly hungry for days without food or water.

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According to Mr. Vormawor, the police officers denied them the opportunity from giving the items to the prisoners because, they the officers, allegedly claimed that, they were under strict instructions not to habour any present from him and others who wanted to lend their supports to the inmates.

He wonders as to why human beings with thinking faculties will be ruthless and heartless to such an extend they can even use their oligarchy and veto powers to restrict you from helping people who are in dire need of aid.

He openly accuses those prison officers of been bias and political cronies of this very administration who do not think about the welfare of others but they themselves only. He says, when the table turns the other way round, they shall witness the shock of their lives.



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