Question Source Of Your Children’s Wealth If You See Them With Expensive Things – Kanayo O Kanayo advises parents

Kanayo O Kanayo, a veteran Nollywood actor, has cautioned parents to closely examine their children’s financial sources in order to prevent premature death and other unfortunate events.

In order to protect families, the well-known actor underlined how crucial it is to comprehend the sources of financial achievement. He cautioned parents against accepting presents of cash from their kids without first confirming the source.

In his opinion, parents should inquire about their children’s wealth source in order to prevent premature death. He emphasized the pervasiveness of social influences and the desire for rapid wealth, but he also issued a warning that following such paths can have disastrous results.

He encouraged parents to create an atmosphere where transparency is valued by being watchful and having honest discussions with their kids about their sources of income.

At an occasion, Kanayo spoke, and his official Instagram account featured a video of him doing so. In a widely shared video, Kanayo pleaded with parents to make it a practice to ask their children questions about where and how they obtain things. He claimed that their careless behavior was causing their kids to develop more twisted ideas.

“Your daughter is twenty years old, unemployed, and she owns a 1.5 million dollar phone. You are also praising God that your daughter purchased a phone.” She would then scam you for ₦200,000, ₦100,000, and you would never inquire.


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