We need rail transport, not movement of tollgate – Engineer

A street and building engineer has proposed the structure of the rail route area to ease both human and vehicular blockage in the urban areas rather than the movement of different tollgates in the country.

Mr. Charles Debrah said developments of different streets to the fundamental urban areas could likewise be a choice to facilitate the vehicular clog on the streets.

The Clergyman of Streets, Kwasi Amoako Atta was accounted for to have said that attainability considers are in progress on the chance of migrating the Kasoa tollgate as a feature of measures to help take out the vehicular traffic bottleneck on that part of the Accra-Winneba interstate.

The Clergyman said the service has understood that it is difficult to grow the doors at the corner in light of a valley around there, contemplations are in progress on whether it ought to be migrated from that spot.

Mr Amoako Atta said the possibility considers were not restricted to the Kasoa one alone however all such tollgates the nation over where such comparable vehicular traffic bottlenecks happen at top periods.

Mr. Debrah said “we have indiscipline in the system. We can do four lanes but driver-pedestrians’ behaviour will not make it work because we are undisciplined on the roads”.

He explained that “we board cars anywhere on the road. The problem is indiscipline because even if we move it to a virgin land and the people are not disciplined, it will work”.

He suggested that “the rail system will help us for now so that people will drive to some destinations, park their cars and then join the rail to the towns. That is faster and that will help in reducing the traffic system in the cities”.

He explained that “Kasoa toll booth, if we take it out, still there would be traffic at Mallam Junction. Mallam traffic is more dangerous than Kasoa itself”.


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