Reactions as Photo of a ‘Pregnant’ Nun Surfaces on Social Media


A photo of a Nun has taken social media to a standstill as people judge her of pregnancy.

Many people have been observed making jokes about her while being unaware of the true circumstances. Others are seen sympathizing with her because she may be dealing with a condition called fibroids or a rape-related pregnancy.

Here are a few of the responses:

@Wanja Mwaura: How I wish you would know how strong she is fighting this disease. You wouldn’t make fun of her.



@Zippie Joe: May God remember this lady in her sick condition. Let her overcome the discouraging criticisms she is facing from the community. She has a zeal to serve you. Please heal her.

@Duncan Omulama: Fibroids or gastrins can be very frustrating to women with a condition with trapped gases that may lead to blotted tummy.



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