Reactions as photos of former Super Eagles goalkeeper Peter Fregene goes viral

As this world famous word goes; A country that does not honour its heroes, is not worth to die for, has become lingering in the minds of countless football enthusiasts most especially, Nigerian football lovers.

The troubling and regrettable news has surfaced online about one of its former international football heroes who has been left unconcerned to his own fate after serving the country for several years.

The current president of Nigeria, president Buhari, is very much aware of the situation at hand it is known to certain individuals that he would intervene in helping the Super Eagles goalkeeper Peter Fregene from his deep woes.

Nigerian people have learnt of the dire quagmire in which their former Super Eagles goalkeeper Peter Fregene has found himself in after hearing of his deteriorating health conditions after which his photos emerged online through many social media platforms about his poor health conditions after which he devoted and sacrificed hugely and put the country on the radar of the continent when it comes to football activities.

They have therefore appealed to their president Buhari to as a matter of urgency, do something laudable and drastic to help restore the poor state in which Mr. Peter Fregene has found himself in without any remedy. Currently, they have pleaded with the president to have mercy and compassion on their superstar as the father of the nation when they saw the disturbing videos of the super hero in an utter deplorable condition.

Many people just got the winds of his bad and unpleasant health conditions was revealed sadly through a viral video on social media platforms unexpectedly. The 75 years old Peter Fregene, who is affectionately called the flying cat, has been detected and found out exigently for living in a sorrowful misery while he suffered for the country a replete of years. Photos of the Sapele born Peter Fregene, the former goalkeeper for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, have surfaced online this week suddenly after his harrowing conditions went viral.

The state in which Peter Fregene has found himself, has become a worrying trend to many which caused them to feel his excruciating moments and pains and as a result of that, they have used the occurrence to seek support for him by appealing to the first gentleman of their country, President Muhammadu Buhari. We hope he receives urgent support to ameliorate his poor health conditions as soon as possible.