Real Madrid And Barcelona Agree On Taking La Liga Games Abroad Beginning 2025

Both formidable teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid have announced that they will play La Liga Games Abroad from next, with exact date yet to be confirmed.

Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, plans on having league matches overseas,
with first point of call being the United States of America — 2025-2026.

La Liga has been working on playing league matches on foreign shores for several years, especially in America, where Hispanic communities have given Spain the largest patronage ever.

Back in 2018, an attempt to stage a match between Girona and Barcelona in Miami was prevented by FIFA and the US Soccer Federation.

However, a football organization owned by Miami Dolphin’s owner, Stephen Ross, filed an anti-trust charge against these governing bodies.

Tebas hopes Real Madrid and Barcelona will be in competitive action, even though they have both been touring the States for pre-seasonal matches within this year.

“I think it could be in the 2025-2026 season but La Liga will play official matches abroad. An official match in the US will strengthen our position in the North American market, which is the second market for La Liga after Spain!”.