Regard My People! – Edem Fires Primary 4 English Book Author For Suggesting Ewes Are Juju Men

The writer of an English course book, whose photographs have been circling via web-based media for quite a long time has experienced harsh criticism for generalizing the Ewe tribe.

A sentence in the book has proposed that Ewes are juju men or admirers of more modest divine beings. This idea didn’t go down well with a cross-part of Ghanaians, for the most part Ewes who have communicated their disappointment with the substance of the book.

The questionable sentence reads: “Efo agreed and prepared juju for the players.” Efo is a broadly used name for Ewe men in Ghana.

The circumstance has gotten to the consideration of Gbevu country President Ayigbe Eden who is an Ewe himself. True to form, he leaped to the guard of his tribesmen.

The rapper got down on the writer of the reading material Okyere Baafi to regard his kin and modify the substance of his course book. He added that compositions of his sort just extend the divisions that exist in the country as opposed to teaching individuals.

He stated: “Okyere Baafi… .It would be acceptable to put regard on my kin and change your book… .All accounts this way, cause us to develop the break on issues encompassing us.”

Ayigbe Edem Edem Ewe Gbevu Rapper ayigbe edem 1


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