Report Head masters Demanding Admission Fees – GES.

The Ghana Education Service, has come into the limelight once again but this time around, it is on the necks of head masters and head mistresses who are currently heading all the second cycle educational institutions in Ghana.

The GES, has given the strongest indication yet, that, it would decisively deal with anyone using the admission processes to extort money from parents, guardians and the students at large.

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The Service, has given the green light to the parents to resist any form of money being demanded from them by the heads of senior high schools across the country before their wards are admitted. The Service, acknowledges that, there are some few hiccups here and there concerning the school placement issues but in all, it has been generally smooth and progressive.

In a statement signed and released from the outfit of the service by, Madam Cassandra Twum Ampofo, who heads the public relations unit, entreats parents to boldly come up with the names of any head who demands money from them before their children could be admitted.

She therefore, reminded all and Sunday that, the reopening date for the freshers; first year senior high students remains unchanged and that is; Monday, 4th April, 2022. But how she frames up the statement, it is not quite clear if the statement is applicable in the private senior high schools.

We know that private senior high schools are not running free senior high education thereby, can not in anyway fall under such a restrictive instruction.




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