Residents Of Kulpong Cry For Healthcare Facilities

Residents Of Kulpong Cry For Healthcare Facilities

As it is always said that, your health is your wealth, the people of Kulpong in the Upper East region of the republic Ghana, have decried the unavailability of infrastructure development in their localities despite numerous promises given by government officials.

The residents, who are left with no option but to provide their medications through the traditional means, are fervently appealing to authorities, to as a matter of an urgency, provide healthcare facilities for the community. Kulpong, a far-reaching area from the regional capital, Bolgatanga, is a typical deprived community inundated with deplorable nature roads.

Scores of individuals medically incapacitated, always struggle on daily basis in their attempt to access a medical center out of their area at a long distance of several kilometers.

Some of the challenges being borne by the individual members residing in such forsaken surrounding areas are that there are no sanitary facilities constructed beside the porous nature of their road networks which hitherto, cripple their easy access to quality health conditions and lifestyles.

It has been reported by some dwellers of the area that, whenever it rains, they find it difficult to come out of their houses due to the muddy state of how the road becomes.

They are, therefore, pleading with the district officers in charge of roads and health, to come to their aid as their predicament has reached the neck level. It may be an argument for some certain individuals who do not feel the agony and pains of those individual members living at Kulpong, to say, it is a result of the hinterlands in which they stay, necessitated their challenges in providing them with the infrastructure facilities they have been appealing for.

It is also a core fact that the residents living at KUlpong, are paying their obligatory taxes towards the development of Ghana as a whole and for that matter, they must also be the beneficiaries of Ghana’s resources.



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