Sad News: Mother hangs son and herself

A sad news has broken out about a certain bizarre incident by unknown woman in the Western Region who is believed not to be a resident in the community but rather someone who has been soliciting for alms few days before the unfortunate occurrence.

The woman has been found dead in a certain uncompleted building in one of the remote areas of Ajoa community in the Ahanta West municipality of the West Region of Ghana.

The woman was believed to have slain her own son while later committed suicide for seeking natural or unnatural justice with suspicion that she was tired of living on earth without much supports being sourced from people she was previously asking for financial aids.

The woman whose identify is yet to be known, was found lifeless in one of the structures of the town were construction guys were going to work and upon reaching there, both the woman and her son’s bodies were found laying motionless on the floor which caused fear and panic amongst the eyewitnesses in the town.

According to the eyewitnesses, the unidentified woman, from the look of things, she killed her son and later in the process, murdered herself. Even though it is currently unclear what might have instigated her to commit such a dastardly act, people have claimed it could be as a result of challenges being faced or encountered in life by both of them which led to the unfortunate event since the woman was later seen begging for money just a day before she took off her own life and that of the innocent child.

The woman whose body and her son’s lifeless bodies were discovered early January 2023, was said not to be a permanent resident in the community before committing such atrocious acts bringing the name of the area into total disrepute. According to the Assemblyman of the Ajoa electoral area, Mr. Yankey Robert James, the woman had been seen while begging for financial assistance in the community just a day before her untimely death and that of the son.

According to him, he believes the woman is not actually a resident in the community since he is the Assemblyman, he is much or quite familiar with his own resident who are living in his jurisdiction but as for that particular woman who murdered the son in cold blood and terminated her own life afterwards, she was not known except on the day she was seen on the day begging for money before she was found dead in the community near one of the uncompleted buildings in the area by labourers who came to work in the structure.

He indicated that even those in the community have confirmed that they saw the woman carrying her child while begging for alms a day before she ended the precious life of the child later committing suicide to end it all unfortunately which has beaten the imaginations of the community dwellers because, such insights occurrences are not familiar or identified with the Ajoa community.


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