Sarkodie’s Wife will cry blood the day Efya publishes her book

Tracy will cry blood the day Efya publishes her book

Tracy Sarkcess, the beloved wife of esteemed Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, has recently been alerted to brace herself for the possibility of more explosive revelations regarding her husband’s personal life.

One social media user has disclosed that, in addition to Yvonne Nelson, another individual harboring deep and potentially damaging secrets about Sarkodie is none other than talented musician Efya Nokturnal.

This warning serves as a cautionary tale for Tracy, with the netizen advising that she should prepare for the emotional turmoil and turmoil that may potentially be unleashed if Efya also decides to pen down her life’s story.

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As of late, Sarkodie has been making headlines for a rather controversial reason – rumors have surfaced that he pressured actress Yvonne Nelson into having an abortion over a decade ago. According to reports, the two were romantically involved when Yvonne became pregnant.

However, Sarkodie, who was grappling with financial instability and was not feeling ready for the responsibility of fatherhood, convinced Yvonne to terminate the pregnancy. This revelation has sparked a storm of heated discussion across social media platforms.

In light of this drama, a fan has reached out to Tracy, warning her that Efya, who has been collaborating with Sarkodie for several years now, may have similar tales to share in her own book, if she so chooses.

It remains to be seen whether these allegations will pan out, but one thing is for sure: the Ghanaian music industry is bound to be rocked by more surprises in the coming days.

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