She gave me serious styles, and now I’m addicted – National Service personnel shares experience with Lapaz hook up girl

She gave me serious styles, and now I'm addicted - National Service personnel shares experience with Lapaz hook up girl

A National Service personnel has narrated how he got addicted to a hook-up girl from a popular joint in Accra after having an encounter.

He narrated his escapade below;

On a Friday, I had just finished my work at 7 p.m. after enjoying a few beers with my coworkers during happy hour.

Although I don’t usually drink, I added a little smirnoff vodka to my Coca-Cola on this specific day. Despite not drinking, I did feel tired and exhausted. Generally, after I leave work, I get into one of my boss’s cars and he or she drops me off at Odorkor before I take a troski home.

However, two of my neighbors who regularly use Uber stated they would be using it today and encouraged me to join them. I made the choice to travel with them rather than using my boss’s vehicle to save money on transportation.

I simply followed them as they moved further into Lapaz. As we passed, I saw s3x employees parading and waiting for possible customers. We passed each one without stopping. Let’s sit down and take a drink, one of my coworkers urged. One of them approached a woman facing the opposite direction before we had a chance to settle in.

Afterwards, my other coworker joined him, leaving just me. The way the woman was dressed immediately let me know that she was a s3x worker.

I asked my coworkers about their conversation with the woman when they came back. Did they really believe we would go out and drink by ourselves? We need to sit with some girls, one of them said.

My coworkers made it clear to her that “our friend wants to take you home” in no uncertain terms. This comment gave her a sense of empowerment. She believed she had a customer.

They then started telling her what a fantastic guy I was and applauding me. “He’s our boss and he wants to have fun,” they declared. Ladies and gentlemen, she was sitting next to me while all of this was happening. Being so near to a s3x worker was the closest I’ve ever come to being uncomfortable and I started sweating hard.

And where are you taking me? she asked. My friends purchased a room there, and we also ordered drinks there. It barely lasted an hour, so it wasn’t that long. She took off her clothing as soon as we entered the room and pushed me aside.

We immediately took action. I had the best ride of my life thanks to the girl. For almost 30 minutes, she kept riding me.

I took up my phone after the great supper and sent her an additional GHC 200 on top of the cash my friends had already given her. That was an expression of gratitude for the gift. I have been visiting there on Friday nights ever since that night to enjoy the delicateness of her body but I have become addicted. I guess I need help.