She leaked it; D-Black finally opens up on “sushi” sex tape leak

D-Black, Rapper

Ghanaian rapper D-Black was in the news and trending on social media over a leaked sex tape some months ago. The award winning rapper has now found is convenient to publicly speak on the unfortunate incident. D-Black has however fingered the woman in his sex tape as the one behind the leak.

When asked if the video was released by someone in his circle he said, “No, it wasn’t someone around me. I think it was the girl.” As per the Ghanaian rapper, he believes that was vengeance on him for leaving the relationship.

In an interview with MzGee on 3fm’s Showbiz927, the rapper clarified that these sort of terrible exposure will undoubtedly happen once you end up in the spotlight. He said, before all else, it was troubling, particularly when his mother got hold of the video. Yet, he had the option to quiet everybody, and everything is okay at this point.

He referenced that it wasn’t about cash, rather it was just because he decided to end his sexual relations with her.

“I was not interested in going forward. I don’t want to go deep into this because it does not change anything. It has already happened.” he explained.

Unbothered D-Black had this to say about trolls on twitter;

“You are on Twitter with your data. Maybe you haven’t even eaten, and you are tweeting rubbish at me. Okay, let us laugh. After that, I will go on holidays in Brazil and come back. Because I work hard for what I do. So drag. I am focused on what I am doing.”


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