Sheena Gakpe with the heaviest ‘bortos’ in Ghana goes viral and receives mixed reactions

Sheena Gakpe

Sheena Gakpe, a well-known Ghanaian actress on TikTok who has been dubbed the queen of bortos in Ghana, has shown off her curves by releasing videos of herself dancing in seductive form-fitting apparel.

The popular video portrays her lovely stature as she danced while donning the attire and listening to energetic music.

Gakpe openly flaunted her plus-size body in the viral video while dancing to DJ Guélcio Smith’s Armadilha in one of the clips.

Social media users claim that Hajia Bintu had a comfortable lead when Sheena emerged and quickly rose to the top.

In one of the videos, she performed to Armadilha by DJ Guélcio Smith while openly displaying her plus-size physique.