She’s always twerking online – Woman rejects her brother’s choice for a wife


Bianca Wamu, a tweep from Kenya, acknowledged that she had a disagreement with her brother on the woman he wants to marry.

Because of her internet reputation as a “serial twerker,” Bianca claimed she declined the lady her brother asked to be his future wife.

She also stated that she felt it would be inappropriate to turn a blind eye and allow her sibling to marry her brother’s girlfriend, who routinely posts videos of herself twerking while half-nude on social media.

She allegedly informed him that the woman had upset her due to what she did and questioned whether he could not find a Kenyan woman who would be a wonderful mother to their children.

She asserted that he has been silent toward her ever since she told him that she opposes such a union.

She shared this information on Twitter saying; “My brother wants to marry this LADY, but I’ve issues with the girl! The lady is a serial TWERK. Shares videos dancing HALF-NAKED. Yes, I know my brother loves her, but I’ve asked him,” Of all the WOMEN in Kenyan,you can’t find a good MOTHER for my nephews?” He’s not TALKING to me.”


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