Shirley Frimpong Manso is a trailblazer in the movie industry – Luckie Lawson

Luckie Lawson

Luckie Lawson, a Ghanaian actress, has expressed respect for Shirley Frimpong Manso, a well-known film producer, director, and president of Sparrows Pictures.

While praising Shirley, the actress said that she should be more widely recognized for her important contributions to the development of Ghana’s film industry.

‘Perfect Picture,’ ‘Potomanto,’ and ‘Shampaign,’ which have gotten a lot of acclaim,’ are just a few of the movies Shirley worked on, and Luckie hailed Shirley for her outstanding work in a Graphic Showbiz report.

She also called Shirley one of the best movie producers and praised her for succeeding in a business that was dominated by males.

Shirley should be honored for pushing past and outperforming her male contemporaries, according to Luckie Lawson.

“Shirley needs to be celebrated for her contributions to the growth of Ghana’s movie industry. The producer-director role is mostly dominated by men, but Shirley has proven to be one of the best movie producers, challenging the men and achieving remarkable success. I really admire her for that.”

Luckie Lawson has had the privilege of working closely with Shirley on the series ‘Madam,’ which provided her with a deeper understanding of Shirley’s unwavering commitment and work ethic.

Stating some of her field experiences with Lucky Lawson, she acknowledged that the astute Filmaker’s relentless pursuit of excellence is totally out of the world.

“I knew her to be one of the best, but I never knew her as someone who never rests until she gets what she wants. She wouldn’t mind asking you to do several takes for one particular scene. In fact, a lot of actors refuse to work with her because she also wants the best. Working with her on ‘Madam’ brought me closer to her, and my admiration for her has grown. Some of us want to be like her and continue her good work. I have produced movies before, but Shirley is on another level.”