Shugatiti Sees The Light As She Turns Into Osofo Maame While Advising Her Fans To Go To Church (+VIDEO)


Controversial Shugatiti, a socialite from Ghana, has generated controversy on social media after being spotted sharing the gospel.

Shugatiti is renowned for showing off her physique to gain likes and attention on social media. She even stated explicitly that she sells her body for cash.

A man of God accused the CEO of Pot Of Shuga of being a witch. Shugatiti allegedly employs enigmatic skills to publicize her work and her eatery, according to the man of God.

In retaliation, Shugatiti filed a lawsuit against the man of God.

Anyway, it’s evident from a recent Instagram post by Shugatiti that she has chosen to join the church. She encouraged her fans and followers to do the same while posting a video of herself attending church.