Some of you are hypocrites – Fella Makafui tackles trolls

Fella Makafui, a well-known actress and businesswoman from Ghana, has addressed the issue of people criticizing her beauty while being married.

This was in response to criticism from some online commenters who questioned why a married woman would go to such extent to maintain her beauty after she released a video of herself getting a natural stomach treatment to keep her belly flat.

She said, “Some of you are hypocrites, lol. Looking good has nothing to do with the fact that I’m married or not. I’m doing it for me. Sit in your house with your big tummy, lol, that’s your problem, not mine.”

Fella Makafui criticized the hypocrisy of those who judge her, claiming that whether or not she is married has nothing to do with how attractive she is.

She claimed that she was acting on her own behalf and that others shouldn’t hold her to their standards.

She goes on to say, “I love to look good and feel good in my body, I will not stop this self-care treatment for myself. If you admire this, join the train. If not, too bad. Good luck admiring from afar. You really don’t have to hate lol, the procedure is even not expensive.”