Son beats his father for bringing his sidechick into their house


A shocking video circulating online shows an angry son mercilessly beating his father for bringing his side chick into their home while his mother is away.

The video shows a young man with two canes in his left hand brutally flogging his elderly father, who is thought to be in his early 70s.

Some people can be seen in the video attempting to stop him from hurting his father, but they were ineffective because the son kept raising his canes to strike the poor man’s body.

The father, as seen in the video, felt so powerless that he was forced to run into his room on his back rather than retaliate.

Social media users who saw this depressing video concluded that the man had cursed himself because it is an abomination for a child to hit his or her parents.

Many people believe that nothing on Earth can justify a son assaulting his biological father.



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