Sonnie Badu mocked for preaching against pork meat

Sonnie Badu mocked for preaching against pork meat

There is a saying that goes that; one man’s meat is another man’s poison”  this is the only expression that could be used to describe what has become the order of the day as netizens have descended heavily on gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, for preaching against the favorite delicacy of some classified individuals in society, pork meat.

According to the founder of Rock Hill Chapel International, who is a holder of a Doctorate’s Degree: Ph.D., people who patronize the world-renowned delicacy, pork meat, would be possessed by demonic entities.

He stated that eating pork attracts witchcraft. While preaching about unclean foods, Sonnie Badu made this claim.

His vague and wild preaching could not go down well with those who are fond of such meat called pork and they have joined their hands unanimously while taking him to the cleaners giving him all kinds of names about who is a revered man of God.

Many individuals find his assertion to be false. Users of social media have questioned his claim and cited biblical passages that refute it.

Additionally, other people have seized the opportunity to mock him.

Additionally, A Plus has taken to social media to criticize Sonnie Badu for his comments. A Plus wrote, “A Plus shared a screenshot of the remarks made by Pastor Sonnie Badu and made fun of him.” @Sonnie Badu should know by now that every night, they fly over the Atlantic. In response to A Plus’ post, Afia Schwarzenegger also rushed into the comment section to make fun of Sonnie Badu. The one for North Kaneshie dey be 4kn.

As he also checked under A Plus’s reprimand, Sonnie Badu appeared to have been affected by the trolling.

Many lovers of the gospel have been bemused by his style of preaching nowadays saying he is digressing from the main purpose for which he has been called into ministry. But his only beef about pork is simply that, it is a demonic meat since people who have been eating same, are also going to be wrestling with demonic powers because such evil entities are automatically found in the pork.