Stay away from sex if you want to stay younger – Ebo Taylor advises

Whilst there is a much celebration about the research findings going round that having quality sex with a pair of socks giving intense organisms during sexual encounters, some people are bent on spoiling the funs that others are having about the new research finding that has opened their inquisitive senses big time.

“If you want to stay younger, you should rather stay away from sex,” he said when asked if sex was one of the activities he engaged in to stay fit and younger.

Since having deep rooted sex regularly improves human health conditions and sensibility, some people do not want to have anything to do with such activities no matter how crafty someone convinces them or beguiles them even though they may not be the individual types that are into religious activities but theirs is a big rejection of it.

Different kinds of people with diverse spectrums of knowing how to care for their own lives since your life does not reside in the palm of anyone else except you yourself and thus, you learn how to live your life and please your Maker only while taking into consideration, the judgement day awaits each and everyone after the painful departure from this contemporary world.

Other people will will confer with you that, they are vegetarians and that is why they are living and looking younger than their real ages the moment they tell you about their date of birth or how old they are after their birth.

Sportsmen always engage themselves in sporting activities since such an amazing activity gives them the impetus to celebrate and smile about their life experiences but bear it in mind that they are also human beings with blood running through their veins.

A very well known and celebrated music legend, has stricken the hearts of scores of people after telling the world his personal secret to a long and fulfilling living lifestyle on earth.

Uncle Ebo Taylor, such a famous and an adorable astute music legend, has told the world that, the only secret to his young looking age, is that he does not devote himself into sex as some people having been doing.

According to him, if you want to live long enough on this earth, you have to abstain from every form of sexual immorality since that is the only way you could live a long standing and a healthy lifestyle.

He stated that, there are those in society who marvel about how young and enterprising gentleman he still feels like despite his old age which does not reflect or have any dire toll on his health.

He further put it in simply term that, if you are having sex at all times, you will look old but if you abstain yourself from it, you will live long and look young to the admiration of all and sundry.



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