Street beggar using fake baby to garner sympathy exposed [video]

Street beggar caught on camera asking for charity on the streets of Lagos is known for tricking unwary people with a teddy baby.

Online videos capture the moment the beggar approached occupants in a private vehicle and started pleading for assistance while holding a baby in her arm.

The passengers begged the beggar to expose the baby’s face because they immediately thought the infant wasn’t real.

The beggar was reluctant to comply but they kept insisting that they wanted to see the baby’s face before giving her money.

The beggar then pulled back the clothes covering the baby to reveal that what is beneath is just more clothes.

This kind of begging is not novel or shocking because many supposedly intelligent people use similar strategies in various ways to benefit from others.

Meanwhile, internet users have criticized the creators of the film for making light of a situation that should have been reported to the police.


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