Sunday School Kids Welcome Pent TV

It was such a spectacular view yesterday, Sunday, 20th April, 2022 when Pent television station had been migrated unto the digital terrestrial television platforms.

The television, which is the handiwork of the Church of Pentecost, is now free to air channel where viewers can tune up to at anytime in any part of the country, Ghana.

The most highly elated children who waited patiently for such a feat to be graced, shared how glad they were to be part and parcel of such an amazing station that is committed in championing the gospel of Christ Jesus. Pent Tv, is a Christian television station managed by Pentecost Church and these teens are just happy within their delicate hearts because, they would have the laxity to worship, sing, study the Holy Bible and to preach the gospel to that the glory of God would be seen.

We are now in critical times where people do not have any regard for their Sovereign Object Of Worship (God), because, according to them, how things are harsh economically in the country and parts of the world, they do not have the patience to wait through the process of how God does His things before they can be financially redeemed. High level of an immorality is rife and replete in Ghana and elsewhere as teenagers are being seen practising acts of insanity and hooliganism as people who were once brainwashed in the “igugu” forest of Nigeria that then escalates to every part of the world.

Moral discipline and the very fabrics of our Ghanaian cultural had been broken down into pieces without any recourse to our customs and traditions. We are only praying and hoping that, Pent Tv which is free to air now, will dedicate much of its precious resources educating children on good morals and the other ways of living a fulfilling and a righteous life. We wish them well in their great endeavours. Congratulations!!!



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