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Video and photo modeling is an accessible modification technique that uses videotaped scenarios for students to observe rather than live ones. Maxin

It allows the student to focus on a consistent repetition without distractions. Recent literature suggests that children with severe developmental delays may benefit through instructional techniques which include modeling life skills such as dressing and grooming through slow motion repetitive video presentation.

Video modeling conveys realistic behaviour with complex stimulus and response routines. The effectiveness of instructional videos in teaching basic life skills to children with developmental delays is consistent with results from classroom instruction with children without developmental delays.

The participants in this study were able to abstract the necessary skills from the videotaped model and apply them to task performance. Despite the generally positive results from instructional strategies with video presentations, modeling factors that may optimize the effectiveness of such instruction have not been systematically addressed.

Basic parameters that are candidates for such examination are presentation speed, number of repetitions of the modeled behavior, and duration of videotaped presentation segments.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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