The Best Ways Of Boosting Employee Loyalty At The Workplace.

There are some people under this sun, before they employ employees to work for them, they have what they streamlined to follow in hiring individuals to filling vacuums left at the business Centre either of ground of resignation, an annual leave, fast business strides or what have you but the moment you have been recruited, the attitudes of such employers change towards the said recruits because of face loving behaviours exhibited by other belligerent job owners in Ghana and else where.

In other instances, you are even frustrated during the interview process with some sort of thoughtless questions that you may presume should not be asked at all. If our employers are yearning for the smooth transition of their businesses to the yielding of the next door level, the following listed ideas shared would be very helpful in increasing employee-employer relationship at the workplace to be serene, conducive, calm and harmonious for a business neighbourliness that would hypnotise the attention of other people watching from afar so as not to put the integrity of the employer in a state of ridicules and doubts.

Many employers have forgotten that, an employer is an individual who listens more than he or she speaks but due to the egomaniac nature of some job owners, they have become pompous and bragging scarecrows at their various job centres; causing intimidation and unleashing blasphemous innuendos on their workers due to their religious, creed, faith, ethnicity, political, geographical identities and affiliations.

It is high time we rectified such anomalies in our dignified institutions and centres because, there should not be any form of variations between Mawunyo vrs Manu, Lomotey vrs Opoku, Kwansema vrs Aminata, Joseph vrs Jibril, Abugre vrs Naah, for; we are one people with a common destiny and nobody knows where the world goes next hereafter. The salary of your worker and other supporting stipends are very key at the workplace.

The remuneration and various benefits every institution stipulated to be enjoyed or benefited from by a prospective employee, is what maintains the stability of the senses of such an awesome individual because every employee is special and must be treated graciously. You must motivate and give credence or recognition to your employee and not feeling arrogant at all times that you are the superior and therefore, whatever you say is final-no, it does not iron out in that dictatorial and autocratic thoughts because if it does, the relationship between both parties breaks down beyond restorations. Putting workers under duress as if they are slaves under austere bandage without a liberation and such an attitude must be shunned before it becomes too late.

Give time to your employee and listen to his or her concerns and hear the other side of the coin to ascertain if there is a genuine concern raised in the matter of your worker before making final decisions on his or her faith. And also, always endeavour to yearn and crave for the progress of your employee and not that you would wish he or she remains stagnant even if the employee is a rising star in his or her field of prospects.

Some employers are heartless to the extreme cases that, they even seek your down fall so that you would be a bond servant to them forever until you breath out your last instead of doing the other way around turning things for your good. Note; every employer who gives keen and eager eyes to his or her employee, enjoys the services of such an amazing employee for a long time but not that, the employee runs away from you without you being aware because of your own bossy and aggressive leadership style.


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