The Bible verse that Warns against marrying two wives


Many never knew this; The Bible verse that Warns against marrying two wives

There are some instances that usually make a man to stop up with two or more wives. Sometimes its the tradition or the way of life of a positive neighborhood that permits marrying greater than two wives.


Its considered a sign of wealth and status in a family. Christians on the other hand have a distinctive approach to this idea. Religion and subculture are two special things and therefore they will always differ in their ideologies. A character of sound thinking can’t mix the two. Its both you observe the way of life or religion. In this case, we seem to be at the verse in the bible that speaks towards this practice;

1 Timothy 3 verse 2, ”This is a sincere saying: If all of us aspires to be an overseer, he needs a noble task. An overseer, then, ought to be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, capable to teach.” In this verse, we are reminded of the characteristics an overseer have to have. Other variations say a bishop or a pastor in usual time period it means a non secular leader. Every one who calls himself or her self a Christian have to have the above qualities. In simple terms, every one is a leader and therefore he is not exempted from doing any of the above.

To begin with, a Christian ought to be above reproach. A Christian who choose to enter heaven have to be reproachable. If you can be corrected then you qualify to be a Christian. Number two which makes the intention of this article is that he ought to be a husband of one wife. This capability that he should be trustworthy in marriage. You cannot purport that there is faithfulness in polygamy.

Polygamy alone point out lack of have faith and unfaithfulness. The bible therefore warns against the desire of having extra than one spouse and therefore defiling the house of the Lord. God created Adam and gave him one wife. It was once an indication that polygamy have to be unheard of.



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