The Current Economic Hardship In Ghana Is National Security Threat – Hon. Ablakwa opines

Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa
Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa

Ghanaian struggling masses do not need any naysayer or whatever to tell them about the poor nature of the economy in Ghana before they know. The member of Parliament for Tongu in the Volta Region, Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa has remarked that the fast rate at which financial difficulties are being borne by Ghanaians without any preferred solution from the governing leadership, is more than a national disaster.

According to him, hardship in the country has reached a point where it could be described as a threat to national peace and security.

He observed that most of the terrorist activities we see and hear about day in and day out from our neighboring countries, did not even get to the level where we in Ghana have found ourselves therefore something urgent must be done to safeguard this country from being plunged into something else.

He stated that critical observations must be made regarding the movement of a certain crop of people and their daily source of income and if care is not carefully, the unexpected could plaque us in the country.

He said the reason why he realized that the current state of economic insecurity in the country is an existential threat to national peace and security, Ghanaian youth are suffering just to make ends meet despite the unfriendly environment created by the bad style of leadership on the part of the president.

Ghana is the most expensive country to live in at the moment as the inflation in Ghana is gradually inching up to 28% without job avenues being created for the teeming masses to engage themselves in something proactive.

Due to the current financial hitches the people of Ghana are experiencing, those who could not bear such austerity measures under a debilitating comatose economy, have resorted to the cooked means to survive thereby devoting themselves to stealing in broad daylight and killing others and in some cases snatching bags containing the valuables of individuals who have toiled and labored hard during the activities of the day.

In Ghana, everything is almost politicized especially if you are a known political figure or an individual who is assumed and presumed to have a link with any political party either in power or in opposition.

It is believed by some people that what Hon. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa observed before he came out with his daring and thought-provoking observations, that should not be borne out of political lenses because the peace and security of the country are paramount to bringing development into the country.



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