The Tragedy Of Moesha Boduong — Latest Update

During an exclusive interview with Ghbuzznews, the brother of Moesha Boduong claims that she has now been discharged, and is recuperating at home.

Do remember that, a month ago, the Ghanaian community was informed that the breathtaking influencer collapsed during a night out with friends, inside a guest house at Amasaman(name withheld) — that was what led to her hospitalization.

According to one eye-witness, Moesha ordered kenkey with fish, ate and vomited severely afterwards, which led to a big fall, hitting her head against a hard surface.

Boduong’s brother revealed that the situation could have escalated the way it did because she wasn’t taking her hypertension medications.

He also added that the Boduong family have been able to cater for most expenses, involving a brain surgery to cease the bleeding in Moesha’s brain — all thanks to the GoFundMe account, which had increased from $2,000 to $6,000.

Since stroke and hypertension have everything in common, it is advised to always lead healthy lifestyles, eat balanced diets and be active on taking medications as instructed — that’s if, one is diagnosed to be a hypertensive patient.

Much hasn’t been disclosed about the real details which led to Moesha Boduong’s surging condition, but there’s hope for full recovery and a bounce-back.