There is a cover-up within National Security – Adam Bonaa alleges

Adam Bonaa, Security Expert

Security Consultant Adam Bonaa has chastised the National Security Ministry over the result of the new examinations led into the supposed attack of Citi FM writer Caleb Kudah.

He said there is by all accounts a “massive” conceal inside the National Security and Lieutenant Colonel Frank Agyeman, whose secondment as Director of Operations was removed and presented back on the Ministry of Defense, turned into the symbol of atonement.

He was addressing Roland Walker on TV3’s News 360 on Monday, May 24 as respects reports that Lt Col Agyeman has been delegated top of the 64 Infantry Battalion of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

I think that there is a massive cover-up within the National Security,” he stressed.

Unfortunately it looks like Lt Col Agyeman has been caught in that web and I am saying that because you ask yourself why is DSP [Samuel] Azugu, his name was mentioned in the latest brouhaha at the National Security. They were close to 15 officers who were involved. Why is it that amongst all of them it’s just Lt Col. Agyeman whose name was mentioned specifically in the investigation or report or the release signed by Hon Kan Dapaah?”

The Chief Executive Officer of Security Warehouse lamented the present status of safety in Ghana, depicting it as one of disarray.

When you find your security in a state of confusion as we find ourselves now, then you will know that once the head is rotten, definitely when the fish head is rotten it does not take too long the remainder of the fish will get rotten and you have National Security that in terms of our security architecture, they are supposed to coordinate and ensure that they collate or collect intelligence and probably work with that intelligence by giving it to the stakeholders i.e police, immigration, fire prisons and what have you.

He also stressed that the National Security is “facilitating an illicitness called the Operational Wing of the National Security which is unlawful.”


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