Ghanaian traditional musician King Ayisoba born Albert Poozore says there is nothing like juju in music.

According to the Ghanaian international, King Ayisoba, people who use juju in their craft do not excel well outside the country.

King Ayisoba

To him, the only thing that pays in the industry is hard work and determination adding that, anyone who claims juju works in the industry is a liar.

“There is nothing like juju. If anyone tells you it works he is lying”, he said this in an interview with Kantanka TV.

“It is hard work that pays. If you work hard, you will get money”, he adds.

 The moment you will use juju, you can’t travel outside and excel, your juju will expire immediately when you on board a plane.

“Juju won’t take you anywhere. Music is not only Ghana”, he counselled.

King Ayisoba is a Ghanaian musician known famously across the globe for his originality.



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