“Tik Tok and clubbing does not make a woman a bad wife” – Patapaa’s wife


Liha Miller, the wife of Ghanaian musician Patapaa, recently stated that a woman who goes out to the club and spends hours on Tik Tok is not a bad wife.

Marriage, she claims, does not imply that a woman like her must give up her desire for things that make her happy.

Liha Miller defended her decision to go to the club and be active on social media in response to rumors about the fractures in his marriage to Patapaa.

She insisted those social activities do not rub her off her wifey duties and obligations which in turn do not make her a bad wife as popularly projected.

“I hear a lot of stories,” says the narrator. You’re married, and you’re heading to the club, Liha. Is it true that I’m using your money to go to the club? Am I causing anyone any harm? I’m going out with my own money. So the only people who can talk about it are my parents, Patapaa, or Patapaa’s parents.

“Just because I go to the club doesn’t mean I’m worse than someone who goes to church.” I see other married folks even when I go to the club. That isn’t to say the individual isn’t married or a nasty person.”

Liha Miller clarified that she is still married to the “One Corner” hitmaker regardless of hearsays. However, she added that her social media activity should never become a reason for her marriage to break since she takes delight in it.

“Like when I’m doing TikTok, you might only see my fingers on a specific area.” It doesn’t mean I’m no longer married to the individual if I take off this ring right now. There are issues in every marriage.

“Every relationship has its ups and downs… However, you cannot claim that the person is not married because they are now filming a movie and have removed the ring. This isn’t the case. Some people are even married yet don’t wear rings… People, as I have stated, will always find something to say.”



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