Tiktok Star, Felicia Osei Discloses How She Wants To Be Kissed On Her Wedding Day

Felicia Osei

Felicia Osei, a social media star known for her hilarious comments, has revealed how she wants to be kissed on her wedding day.

Felicia Osei expressed her disapproval of the custom of engaged couples sharing an impassioned kiss during their wedding ceremony.

Miss Osei used the occasion to provide her future husband a harsh warning about the nature of their kiss.

She argued that her future husband should be aware that both of them had idols in the crowd, thus there shouldn’t be a passionate kiss.

On her wedding day, Felicia said, she can only permit a peck or a quick brush of the lips, not a passionate kiss as most couples do.

Be advised if you were anticipating Felicia Osei to give a passionate kiss throughout her wedding.


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