Twene Jonas insults Chairman Wontumi for allegedly sleeping with Afia Schwar

Twene Jonas has jumped on board to condemn and smear noisy Chairman Wontumi for reportedly sleeping with loudmouth Afia Schwar, as expected.

Chairman Wontumi has never been at ease since Afia Schwar claimed on the internet that he is her ex-boyfriend. His reputation has refused to fade from social media trending stories.

Chairman Wontumi is infamous for farting when ejaculating, according to Afia Schwar.

This statement prompted Maurice Ampaw, a lawyer, to descend on Afia Schwar and sue her for defaming his boss.

Afia Schwar reacted to the court saga fro raining severe curses on Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw for telling lies to the media because she has indeed, slept with the politician.

While addressing the issue, Twene Jonas expressed his disappointment in Chairman Wontumi for going out with a mountebank like Afia Schwar who has stabbed him in the back after getting what she needed.

He described him as foolish and a shameless man who allowed lust to cloud his conscience.

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