UG-Legon: 2 students go pants down as they enjoy each other on the balcony of Pentagon Hall – Video


Two University of Ghana, Legon students entered +18 mode as their peers and classmates were busy studying for a better and brighter future.

According to a video that our team obtained, these unnamed students undressed to make out.

As seen in the video, the man stood behind the woman and gave her a hard time. He saw to it that the lady made the most of the unique opportunity.

Online reports state that the event took place on the Pentagon Hall’s balcony. We are unable to share the video for some reason.

It’s trending on Telegram, so you might locate the video there.

A young Ghanaian woman, however, has done the unthinkable during a TikTok live by stripping off and taking a bath while clearly seeking cheap attention.

The woman purposefully chose to display her “tonga” and melons to the entire globe in the quickly gaining popularity video, which has drawn harsh criticism from social media users.

She stripped down to her underwear and covered herself in soap while taking a bath and interacting with her fans who were watching the “free show.”

Due to our policy we cannot post the video