Unhappy lady calls MTN office over suspension of Zone bundle

Unhappy lady calls MTN office over suspension of Zone bundle

After the telecommunications giant halted the inexpensive subscription option, some MTN zone bundle customers are currently having trouble affording data to use the internet.

Although it is unknown who made the decision to stop the internet data bundle, there has been a significant uproar among network customers who are demanding its reinstatement.

A Ghanaian woman decided to grab the bull by the horns and called the telco’s office to ask questions as many users still complain over the move by MTN.

The irate young woman was told by a customer support agent that the MTN zone internet data package was momentarily unavailable due to a technical issue in a humorous video on her TikTok profile.

She was told that there were other data packages available, but the woman insisted on the MTN zone bundle despite her strong refusal to consider any other options.

She chose to sign up for the MTN zone bundle for the longest duration possible because, in her opinion, the other packages are pricey and don’t last very long.

“Tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to browse online very early in the morning, so please have mercy on me and bring back the MTN zone bundle,” she said in Twi.

“The *138# data package is inadequate and also the *141# is very expensive, I can’t spend 10 cedis on data package every day. I haven’t eaten this morning”