US police almost arrest Twene Jonas after mistaking him for a madman

Twene Jonas

The local police in the United States of America came dangerously close to arresting Ghanaian socialite Twene Jonas.

After being mistaken for a lunatic, he did this. The material of the film that is readily available indicates that when he was seen dancing in the street, the police believed he was mentally ill.

Twene Jonas is renowned for ranting and chatting dispassionately about the divide between Ghana and the West while walking the streets of New York with his phone camera activated.

He occasionally dances, but this time when he was doing one of his bizarre dancing movements on Facebook Live, a distressed bystander called the police.

Twene Jonas had to quickly defend his behavior when confronted by the police in order to escape getting arrested.

He came close to speaking Twi at one time simply to reassure the worried police officer that he was not mentally ill and did not constitute a threat to his immediate community.