Wa Sex Video Publication, We Sanctioned Flogging Of Culprits – Sub chiefs


Some group of sub chiefs in the Wa municipality where certain people have been severely beaten for exposing their sexual activities they engaged themselves in into the public domain, have owned up by declaring that they were those who ordered the massive and brutal flogging of the suspects who committed themselves into such immoral activities.

The chiefs stated that they were the leaders in the community who sanctioned and approved that such area boys in the town should whip the two suspects who were identified by the area folks who heavily indulged themselves in flesh to flesh contacts to entice the suspecting decent youth in the area to engage in such activities, should be severely dealt with to serve as a deterrent to others who may intend to committing themselves in to the same illegal and indecent behaviour.

According to chiefs in the area, as such individuals have been mercilessly dealt with, people who are willing to attempt the same act would think twice by refraining from such an act so that the community would become a decent place for the young ones to live in conducively. The manner in which the two sex lovers were beaten to the pulp, it is clear they have even forgotten about the massive sexual feelings and pleasures they got from the act because of the severity of the flogging, there is no way possible that they would be in their right frame of mind to recollect the sexual encounter they had with each other.

Some prominent human rights lawyers have dived into the flogging of the sex video suspects describing the flogging of the two sex lovers as inhumane, wicked, heartless and thus; it is as a result of such lashing of people in the Northern part of the country that is the main reason why insecurity in on the increase in the region. Other people called for the involvement of the police officers to investigate the matter thoroughly so that the other remaining people who unleashed such deadly mayhem on the two lovers be arrested and be brought to book.

Though, the police officers in the region have at least arrested over 18 suspects linked with the flogging of the sex lovers who could not do well but by allowing their secret sexual bouts to come into the domain of the general public. The matter is still under an investigation as the police officers announced of closing down on the other fugitives who are believed to have fled from the town they took part in such a cruel beating of those two people who deeply enjoyed their sexual pleasures alone but later exposed.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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