WASSCE Kicks off In August 1

WASSCE Kicks off In August 1

The West African Examination Council, WAEC, has stated this year’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE, to come on, commencing from Monday, 1st August 2022 to Tuesday, 27th September 2022, even though a replete number of member countries have left the council, calling the bluffs of the organization.

The West African Examination Council, has announced lately of losing all the African member countries joining the council which is a mandated examination body overseeing and conducting examinations for the junior high school students and senior high school students amongst the West African member States over many decades ago but due to certain autonomous actions, they have decided to remain independent from the decisions taken from the leadership of the council whereby running and conducting their examinations for their various schools to testing them through their standardized mechanisms which they think would be good enough for their children and citizens apart from what the council used to do for them.

It is reported that Nigeria as a major member country too, has left the council as well together with other English-speaking African countries including Kenya and others leaving Ghana alone at the council and that is the main reason why, The West African Examination Council, WAEC, would be conducting and overseeing the activities heralding this year’s examinations scheduled to kick start in August through to September.

Even though the total number of Ghanaian students that are highly expected to partake in this year’s examinations, has not been released, it is believed that it is going to be the highest number ever in the history of the association since its inception because of the so-called free senior high program introduced by the current political administration of Ghana. The activities of the West African Examination Council, WAEC, had been in a doubt by some disgruntled parents and guardians who think the examination body, has not been fair enough to them and their children due to how their program and examination questions are being set for the students to work out on.

Many parents have been feeling aggrieved that, there are countless loopholes in the administration of WAEC, which must be thoroughly dealt with and investigated because of how their examination questions have been leaking from their strong rooms to certain educational centers acclaimed as being the schools for the elites where they would have an overview of the question papers before the examinations finally kick start and based on that assertion, they do not have faith or confidence in the examination body to be conducting free and fair examinations for their children because they are only there working with those who have the wherewithal to pay for their egos and malicious intentions at the detriment of the poor students who are not well endowed to be able to foot the same amount they have been requesting and demanding from the well to do educational institutions in the country.

Currently, Ghana remains the only African member country in the council of the West African Examination Council due to the withdrawal of the other member counties, giving varied accounts as to why they have withdrawn from the authorities of the council leaving behind only Ghana to remaining in the council.

Due to the numerous chastisement and vilification regarding suspicious conduct being leveled against the authorities of WAEC, such innuendos and claims of bribery and corruption had jeopardized the integrity and reputation of the association, causing it to lose sympathy and respect from parents and students who believe the body is there as a credible and a reliable institution to be transparent enough to be impartial between the rich and the poor even though the rich have an oversight against the poor financially but not in terms of academic records and that is why they are feeling livid that the Organisation must be loyal to all those who are going to write the same examination questions and not on the ground of prejudice and favoritism from any quarters.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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