Ways Of Building Your Career For Better Future Prospects As Students.

Many are in the world today complaining bitterly that there are no jobs available in the in the system but who is to be blamed?

Nobody is going or coming to do it for you and I and for that matter, it bothers solely on how we take our time and plan towards the betterment of our foreseeable future prospects and aspirations. This must be a critical and a clarion call on all meaningful students to adapt quickly to the changes of this contemporary world we are living in.

There are some people who only rely heavily on their families to providing everything for them because they think it is part of their cultural and heritage practices but the question is when at all are you also going to supply or provide the needs of others as some people have been doing it for you? It is high time we rose up collectively as students who are yearning to causing positive impacts in our societies and the nation at large.

Some of the courses that we are offering today, do not have any reasonable future promise for us that could be fulfilled after completion of course studied and due to this, some people will finish their education and come back with nothing to prove that indeed they were once students in this or that school.

Countless of such traumatised students even feel shy and disappointed to even mention the schools they previously attended and the courses that they offered because they have become useless in society due to wrongful selections of courses. It may seem right for you in the beginning that everything would go on smoothly as earlier planned but along the way things might start crushing down on you due to bad choices for course selections.

Vast number of students now days are venturing into entrepreneurial skills acquisition and to me it is such a laudable idea and decision they have taken but there are others who are accusing them of choosing such find of studies simply because, they failed their papers. My brother or sister, do not have the luxury to pay any attention to such people. You are the one who will become the employer of such thoughtless rumour mongers in society.

There are some of them that the moment they get a wind of the course you are offering, they will mock you at the first instance just to discourage you, do not have time for such people in society. Some people have the desire to study medically related sciences because they believe they will easily keep employed after they complete their studies thinking that, prospects in the medical fields are very high as medicine is growing in leaps and bounds due to what is happening currently in the world where every solutions to problems today are all geared towards their respective areas of interest.

But those who are not interested in learning things concerning medicines will discourage such adventurous individuals because the practice of medicine is against their religious beliefs and dictates. I am urging you to shun such people where ever you find or meet them because they do not have the key to opening your future bright but rather, the key lies in your own palm simply because, how you plan for your life today towards the future, largely depends on how you will enjoy or endure it tomorrow; all depends on your planning today even though tomorrow is not promised.

If it is the area of an engineering you endeavour to searching future prospects in, I plead with you to continue with it so that tomorrow you will not blame yourself for listening to anyone who may come your way to suggest to you blindly that, an engineering course is not paying off.

Every field of course study you find yourself as a student, pay cautious and critical attention to your conscience and conclude that; where I am at the moment learning and acquiring wisdom, it is where my God predestined my future to begin from therefore, do not heed to any destructive advice or suggestions from anyone concerning what you are offering towards your future because it is not everybody who wishes your future to be bright and so, if you meet anyone as such, stay away from them because, their bad company will ruin and corrupt your good morals and by an extension, jeopardises your future plans therefore, my brothers and sisters, take a bold decision from today and put it on your chest that, yes, indeed I shall make it in life as you continue to focus on your studies.

May God Almighty be your guide and portion. Kindly read, 2nd Timothy 3:1-5; and inspire yourself, for glorious days are head of you. Amen…….

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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