We Are Ready To Admit Qualified Students – Yaw Oppong, Director Of Legal Education Ghana School Of Law

Ghana School Of Law Under fire For Disseminating Undefined Entrance Exams Pass Notice To Eligible Candidates

 The Ghana School Of Law, which came into the news last week for the wrong reasons, has resurfaced once again after shamefully and embarrassingly, forwarding undefined entrance exam pass marks notices to certain individuals thought not qualified but based on their statuses in society and kicking backing to the school authorities allegedly, they were admitted without any procedures and rudiments meant as being the criteria earmarked for passing everyone who applies to undergo as an aspect of law studies in the premier Ghana School Of Law.

Uproar and nuisance erupted after it emerged that, the school administration allowed some other people who were not eligible candidates but because of the links or ties they had with some members of the administration board, they were left out of the hook leaving behind those who were qualified enough to gain the admission into the school lecture halls to further their studies in various sectors of the laws that they applied to thoroughly study under the tutelage of the school authorities.

When the news broke out last week, the leadership of the school admission board, was conspicuously silent over the whole brouhaha but suddenly as the dust settled down on their irresponsible and repugnant conduct exhibited which was utterly condemned by all well-meaning Ghanaians in society, the director of legal education at the Ghana School Of Law, Yaw Oppong, has come out to state that, the school is ready and fully prepared to admit qualified students as many as they want while forgetting of the loss of their credibility in the minds of Ghanaian people who are watching proceedings in the school keenly.

A US-based Ghanaian professor of law, Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare, had, therefore, called on the chief justice and other senior justices of the supreme court to be impeached or they should tender in their various resignation letters but yet still, nothing significant is being heard or seen after his admonition. It is not going to be easy for the chief justice to resign because if he does, it will appear he is the first ever to do so and thus, jeopardizes his credentials as the head of the judiciary in Ghana.

On the part of those on the bench of the Supreme Court, it is also not going to be possible for such individuals to sack themselves before someone else dismisses them based on the assumption that people are likely to hold against them and as they are not ready or willing to receive any shame and reproach, they will hide behind closed doors and proceed with their respective duties despite the debacles of admission blues that eroded the entire moral decadence of the judiciary.

Nowadays, we do not have men and women of conscience and by so doing, anyone does anything meaningless without being arrested or questioned as to why such a misdemeanor was engaged in by that very individual. Ghana is currently living in a state of lawlessness and whatever pleases you as a citizen in the country, you just do it without being held accountable for your misdeeds.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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