We are tired because the young guy are chōpping us for free — Asantewaa says (Watch)


Asantewaa, a Ghanaian actress and social media personality, has said that they are fed up with way young men treat them.

According to Asantewaa, an old man met her and asked if she would like to visit Dubai and she answered by saying she’s even tired because the small boy has spoiled their waist.

Well, in her recent video posted online she was seen in a yacht sh>k1ng her botoz In Dubai.


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Meanwhile, In a Question and Answer session with her fans to get closer, one of them asked if she has been posted after her service and which hospital she was currently working in.

In her reply, she revealed that it has been two years since she completed her school and her service and has been home since because she hasn’t been posted to work anywhere.

She continued that looking at the way things are going it’s likely she wouldn’t practice in Ghana adding that she is still thinking about it.

The fan asked: “Dear after ur national service have u been posted or are u still working as a nurse??”

“Haven’t been posted after my national service please! Spent about 2years home after school The nursing dier I may not practice it in Ghana.. I love Ghana tho and would like to continue providing care for our patients so I’m still thinking about it,” she responded




Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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