We Fault You For Placement Chaos: aggrieved parents tell GES.

Some disgruntled parents who are peeved by the alleged wrong choices and placements of their wards in the ongoing school and selections programme by the computerised system, are blaming the Ghana Education Service for the needless hustles their children are enduring just to secure a secondary education in the country.

The disappointed parents are accusing the system authorities for not being fair and transparent which necessitated wrongful placements for their students. They are complaining bitterly because, according to them; “Some of our industrious students obtained grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 but their first, second and third choices were not given which is unfair”.

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Many are claiming that the selection secretariats are silently receiving brown envelopes from the big fishes in the country so as to do the bidding for favour them and their wards. This year school selection module, comes with a whole lot of hitches which is compelling some students and parents picketing at the offices of the selection officials.

As it appears now, the selection is going to favour only those who have their wherewithal to grease the palms of the officials before their heart desires would be fulfilled. It is the hope of the concerned parents and children that some pragmatic steps could be taken by GES to restore the loss of confidence many are having in them and without that, we can not trust them to deliver because, we will come to the conclusion that, they are birds of a feather.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com


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