We Have Confidence No In Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu- Suame Youths yell

We Have Confidence No In Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu- Suame Youths yell

The youths of Suame in the Ashanti region of Ghana is currently at loggerheads with their member of Parliament for not being useful and productive towards the development of the constituency in the region.

The youth with the name, Suame Youth Association, have accused their member of Parliament, Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu for being the worst member of Parliament since he assumed office as their lawmaker.

The youth group members, who are all members of his political party, NPP, came out to tell the whole world about the total neglect of their constituency because of the leadership failure of their member of Parliament, Mensah Bonsu.

The youth did not take kindly to the failures of their leader as they put it that he has completely forgotten about the progress of their area because of their assumption that the Ashanti region is the world bank of the ruling New Patriotic Party that is currently governing the country with many berating and bemoaning the negative effects this government caused many of their business activities into which could not be revived and in the process, countless of such business entities folded up.

The youth group of Suame indicated that it would not be in their interest again to vote for their current member of Parliament if he seeks re-election in 2024 because there is no meaningful project that he can initiate or bring into the constituency as a way of helping the Suame area and the youth in the constituency to grow as large.

It must be noted that the member of Parliament that they are embarrassing presently that he is the worst and useless leader, is the current major leader in Parliament and leader of government business in Parliament.

It is believed that because of the busy schedules of their leader regarding his legislative activities, roles, and responsibilities, he is not being able to have ample time to visit his people frequently in the manner in which they want it to be.

Honorable member of Parliament for Suame, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, had been on the seat for over more than two decades but according to the youth in the constituency, he can not boldly point out any tangible and transformational project or development that he can bravely put his hands on the chest and say it is his initiative or anything else and for that matter, they will show him their true color when that fateful day comes because it would not be far from now that they will begin to campaign for election activities.

But it would also be fair enough on the part of the government of their member of Parliament if he were to have been appointed as a cabinet minister because he is likely to secure more resources to develop his area but here lie his challenges, he has not been chosen as in a case of his other members who are frequently going to their various communities to monitor and seek to it that certain projects that they are embarking upon, see the light of day so that the resources being invested into such activities would not become exercises in futility due to how difficult it is now to secure financial support from donor partners to undertake such life-transforming projects to help alleviate the suffering of the masses in their constituencies for a progress free environment.

It is however difficult for some people to come to terms with reasons associated with some constituents in Ghana and elsewhere, where they solely rely on their members of Parliament to turn their economic fortunes around in their favor instead of coming up with thoughtful ideas that could in one way or the other, help and assist their leaders to transform their areas but rather, they will sit down and be hoping that by all means, because they voted for such political authorities, they must come to their aid whether they like it on not but it is high time we desisted from such a warped thinking mentality to reduce the stress and the burden incurred onto our leaders because of our actions and inactions.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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